Customer Retention Tactics to Buy More Weed

3 Customer Retention Tactics to get your Customers to Buy More Weed.

Until fairly recently, cannabis was sold one way and one way only: your local pot dealer distributed juicy green nugs in small plastic baggies for $10 per gram. It’s crazy to think how much the cannabis industry has advanced in the last 8 months – now you can buy cannabis from legitimate dispensaries and there is even consultants that can teach you how to sell cannabis online and to take it one step further, we would like to let you in on 3 customer retention tactics to get your community to purchase more once they join your dispensary.

Learning how to sell cannabis online is extremely tough. The reasons being that you cannot market or advertise the product like other mainstream industries. For example, in some instances showing an actual cannabis flower is not allowed on your business website. To add to that, you cannot advertise through Google, Facebook, Instagram, or any other traditional push tactic and mainstream digital traction channels.

The key is to have hyper-local advertising and marketing strategies that are focused on SEO and inbound.

Here are 3 customer retention tactics to get your community to purchase more of your wonderful flowers and extracts:

  1. Utilize your customer accounts – give your customers easy access to their order history so that they can then start to notice their buying habits in order to increase their consumption.
  2. Implement a Customer Loyalty Program – Reward your customers for their loyalty and they will rewards you with more purchases.
  3. Send Regular Customer Newsletter Emails – Over and over again, email has proven to be one of the top converting channels for e-commerce. Email converts much higher than social media and twice as high as organic search.